Magnified Moment Homework

The other day you had the following paragraph for elaboration:

 No More Homework


     I wish my teachers would not assign homework on Fridays.(1)Five days in school should be enough to cover lessons.(2)Furthermore, kids may not understand the assignment.(3)Students should be able to enjoy the two days off.(4) Some of us also have other responsibilities on the weekend.(5) Believe it or not, students get stressed out just as much as grown-ups.I do not agree with homework on the weekends.

Here's an example of a revised essay:

I wish my teachers would not assign homework on Fridays.  From Monday to Friday, we cover lessons in all of our courses and this is a sufficient amount of time to learn the material.  Every weekday we spend over 6 hours taking notes, doing math problems and learning information for tests and quizzes.  Furthermore, kids may not understand the assignment.  I’m sure that most students know what it’s like to get home to do homework, only to find that they don’t know or remember how to do the work.  Just last week, I sat down to do math homework and I had no idea how to work out the problems.  Without my teacher there to teach me, I was unable to do the work and earned an F as a result.  If a student can’t do something in class, how can he be expected to do it at home? In addition, students should be able to enjoy their weekends off.  After a long week, teachers look forward to a weekend off to relax and spend time with their families.  Students are no different.  What makes teachers think that we want to work on the weekends, while they relax?  This hardly seems fair.  We deserve time off to go to the movies with friends, spend a day at the beach, or just catch up on sleep. Believe it or not, students get just as stressed out as grownups.  We may not have jobs or bills to pay, but we have school work to do, after-school activities and chores.  During the week, I get home from school at 4:00, change for baseball practice at 5:00, and get back home at 7:00 to shower, change, eat and do homework.  I go to  bed exhausted.  This schedule should not continue on the weekend; I just can’t take it.  I do not agree with homework on the weekends. 

 Now, using this example as a guide, elaborate on the following paragraph:

The bicycle is my favorite form of transportation for a number of reasons.  (1)Most importantly, unlike the car or plane, riding bike allows me to get much needed exercise.  (2) The bike can help a person get in shape.  (3) Furthermore, riding my bicycle allows me to forget about the day's stresses.  (4) I forget all my problems when I ride my bike. (5)In addition to these benefits, the bicycle is also an environmentally friendly form of transportation that benefits the planet as a whole.  (5) Of course, bikes are also a convenient way to travel. These reasons, and many more, are what make the bicycle my favorite form of transportation.